Friday, October 9, 2015
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“Everyone gets a little bloated and puffy feeling, right?” If your doctor isn’t concerned, why should you be? It’s just a little water retention. There Are Reasons YOU Should Be Concerned About Excess Fluid: Your body becomes completely out of balance when it holds on to fluid in an effort to protect you. Any excess fluid interferes with absorption of OXYGEN and NUTRITION! The sooner you achieve a healthy fluid balance, the less damage will be caused to your kidneys, heart and other vital organs. Rapid accumulation of fluids can be life threatening. Creating a healthy fluid... (Read More ...)

Have you seen the trailer for the new movie?  I stumbled across it on You Tube and began jumping for joy. At LAST an effort to get the message out! You are what you eat! Are you killing yourself with the food choices you make? Food Matters! Food Matters is an educational organization based in the UK. They offer tutorials on every disease process you may be addressing.  Educate yourself so you will not be fooled with misinformation and you will feel confident to resist your doctors urge to drug your symptoms without taking action to address cause. As the “Life Breath Coach” I recommend... (Read More ...)

Today one of my clients asked me what they could eat to get rid of fluid retention. It isn’t an easy question to answer because there are many causes of fluid retention that will not be healed by eating foods that make you pee. Some foods can make you retain fluid by slowing down your kidneys, while others can help your kidneys work better. Anemia, protein deficiency, and an abnormally high need for one or more vitamins or minerals can cause fluid retention as well. Keep in mind that fluid retention is NOT  simple to treat. Maybe you aren’t even aware that those difficult to lose... (Read More ...)

When you retain fluid oxygen and vital nutrients can’t get where they need to go! Fluid retention is such a big problem because the extra water in your system is in the way! When oxygen and other vital nutrients cant’ get where they need to go, you deteriorate! If you don’t want your health to fade, watch for signs that you may be retaining water: When you press your fingernail firmly into your thumb-pad, does it stay deeply dented for more than a second or two When you press the tip of your finger into the inside of your shinbone, does your nail make a dent? Do your ankles ever swell? Does... (Read More ...)

“My cholesterol medications are killing me?” Not fast enough for you to take notice, but YES they are! Is there a way to lower cholesterol without risking your life? You likely think that eating a diet low in saturated fat is the most effective way to lower your cholesterol, but it might surprise you to know that physical activity and sugar intake have a whole lot to do with what your lab tests point to. Cholesterol medications are given to you to correct your lab results from your blood tests. Are you aware that lowering your cholesterol level will NOT statistically lower your... (Read More ...)

Sometimes water retention makes you uncomfortable for a few days to weeks and then it will seemingly subsides and leave you be until the next time it comes to visit. But did you know that you could be carrying around 20 extra pounds of fluid and NOT EVEN KNOW IT? That extra fluid is putting a heavy burden on your heart muscle! Sally had been trying to lose weight for years. She was very strict with her diet and made sure to exercise 3–5 times every week. When she saw her doctor, he always said the same thing, ”eat less, exercise more.” She wondered how in the world she could eat any less,... (Read More ...)

If you have water around your ankles, you have a significant fluid balance issue. Can you see your ankle bone at all?  If not, you likely have water in your lungs. Is there a gurgling or crackling sound when you breathe? You may need medical care before you are able to discover the cause of the water on your ankles. Seriously!  Are you hearing this? How you get rid of water off your ankles is an urgent question to answer! My friend Terry was at deaths door, before she got her answer.  Your situation might not be as drastic, but maybe Terri’s story will get your attention and convince you... (Read More ...)