Wednesday, October 7, 2015
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ALL of the cells that make up your body need oxygen or they will DIE! Hey, no joke! Killing off cells sure won’t build health. If your oxygen level falls low enough, it can stimulate your vagus nerve and cause your heart to stop. Got that? If you are ignoring your low oxygen level, you are risking DEATH! Do you have low oxygen levels?  Are you risking death without noticing?  Ask your family to tell you if your lips are blue. While you’re asking, find out if anyone has noticed short term memory loss.  How was your last eye exam? Were your eyes worse? Low oxygen levels cause the... (Read More ...)

Plan on acute heart failure? Nobody wants to rush to the emergency room gasping for breath, and then spend a few days dining on hospital fare with your butt hanging out of the most unflattering attire imaginable. “Ho ho ho?” “I don’t think so!” Yet, if you are shopping ‘til you drop, and then having chips and dips and drinks with desert (prescription medication too?), you are asking for a hospitalized holiday! Lack of sleep, water and good wholesome food will catch up with you quick. You waste SO much energy processing and eliminating stimulants, alcohol and junk food! Plan on avoiding... (Read More ...)

Low oxygen levels will kill you slowly, OR can kill you instantly! For years I worked in a very large hospital in Tacoma, Washington.  I can not count the times that I have been part of a CPR effort on someone who had taken their oxygen off to get out of bed, and then experienced a cardiac arrest in the bathroom. Very low oxygen levels can cause stimulation of your vagus nerve, which can stop your heart.  Bearing down can also stimulate the vagus nerve causing your heart to stop. You do NOT want to have low blood oxygen levels when you are sitting on the toilet! 2am, lunch time for night shift... (Read More ...)