Sunday, October 4, 2015
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  If you have low oxygen levels you are dying. Denial is not effective treatment for low oxygen levels.  Even if you “feel okay”. Oxygen hitches a ride on your red blood cells in order to travel around your body.  If your oxygen level is too low (below 92%) the oxygen molecules can’t make the leap.  The pressure is too low. When your oxygen level is below 92%, the oxygen that is in your blood cruises around in your circulation but the pressure isn’t high enough for it to actually get where it is needed. You Want To Improve Low Oxygen Levels Because You Are DYING Til You DO!! You... (Read More ...)

Low oxygen levels rob you of your health and can kill you.  Will you feel it if you have low oxygen level? Many people who have dangerously low oxygen levels report “feeling just fine” despite their pale color and confusion. Watch for the following symptoms of low oxygen level: (Read More …)  (Read More ...)

Low oxygen levels will kill you slowly, OR can kill you instantly! For years I worked in a very large hospital in Tacoma, Washington.  I can not count the times that I have been part of a CPR effort on someone who had taken their oxygen off to get out of bed, and then experienced a cardiac arrest in the bathroom. Very low oxygen levels can cause stimulation of your vagus nerve, which can stop your heart.  Bearing down can also stimulate the vagus nerve causing your heart to stop. You do NOT want to have low blood oxygen levels when you are sitting on the toilet! 2am, lunch time for night shift... (Read More ...)

Feeling like there is lead in your shoes? Whether you just want more energy or you are bed ridden wanting to have a life again, exercise with oxygen can benefit you. Let me tell you about Mr. K, one very charismatic patient I used to care for. Mr. K used to ‘bout kill himself on his exercise bike.  I’m telling you!  I had to beg the guy to stop. “Please, don’t harm yourself while I’m here!  At least wait until I leave to fall down dead!” He was a bit offended by my remarks.  I really didn’t think he would listen to a thing I said.  I was so surprised when the next time I saw... (Read More ...)

A critical care unit is a good place to learn about the importance of oxygen.  You will find out in a quick hurry how closely they watch oxygen levels. The sicker you are, the more closely the doctors and nurses and respiratory therapists will monitor your oxygen levels. In a home care setting, oxygen is just as important to the quality of your life. In critical care, we are trying to save your life. In a home setting, oxygen often feels like a handicap.  You feel like you are on a leash and it feels like a crutch, rather than the valuable health building tool that it is. You and your family... (Read More ...)

Ditching home oxygen sure sounds like a good idea most of the time.  It’s inconvenient and annoying. Over 10 years, I’ve cared for more than a thousand people with low oxygen level. One of the most common questions I am asked is, “Can you recover from low oxygen levels?” The more chronic your condition, the more likely you will be to need oxygen therapy to live a normal life. Amazing recovery from low oxygen levels is certainly a possibility, it just won’t happen without consistent effort on your part.   NOTHING is impossible. It’s understandable that your... (Read More ...)

Low oxygen levels will rob you of your eye sight, short term memory, and your energy. Eventually low oxygen levels will weaken your heart muscle. Heart Failure IS -> Progressive weakening of your heart muscle! Read that last sentence again. It is that important. The world is facing an epidemic of heart failure!  This ONE health crisis will rob more productive work years from Americans than any other.   So how low IS too low? 7 Facts to Remember About Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels 1.  When oxygen saturation levels fall below 92%, the pressure of the oxygen in your blood is too low... (Read More ...)