Hello, my name is Carrie Tucker, and I am the founder of Heart Failure Solutions.The Life Breath Coach

I’ve been a respiratory therapist since 1985.

For 2 decades I’ve seen an increasing number of people coming to me for help with undiagnosed heart failure or signs of cardiac stress promising to cause them heart disease in their very near future.

It’s difficult to warn someone of an issue their doctor says they don’t need to worry about.

If your doctor gives you a clean bill of health, why worry about heart failure?

Since an epidemic of heart failure is sweeping the planet and much of it is undiagnosed until patients are fighting for their lives in the emergency room, it behooves you to consider the fact that you might be ignoring important symptoms of life threatening illness!

Heart disease is NOT a plumbing problem!

Heart disease IS a disease of the circulating blood.

Dirty-gummy-sticky blood is what makes you sick!  In fact, one out of every four Americans will die of heart disease this year.  Yucky blood is killing a whole lot of people on this planet!  

So, what do you do about dirty blood?

If you put your trust in a typical US doctor, you drug your symptoms, roto-root your coronary arteries, and when necessary slice and dice to “plumb” around clogged vessels.

Cracking your sternum to insert a vein cut from your leg is a temporary fix at best.  You can plan on a repeat visit to your friendly neighborhood hospital in 10 years for more of the same, IF you survive that long.

Drugging your cholesterol will NOT reduce your risk of death and appears to cause plenty of harm!  Science is showing that Statins, cholesterol lowering medication, cause exercise intolerance and increase your “risk of diabetes”!

Dr. Julian Whitaker credits Statins with CAUSING the epidemic of heart failure ravaging the planet today.  If you can’t recover from activity then activity isn’t healthy.  Unhealthy blood sugar and insulin resistance is part of what fuels the flames of inflammation that take you to heart disease in all its forms.

Try to keep your heart healthy without physical activity!  You can’t do it! Ignore your insulin sensitivity until you have to address your blood sugar and you will cause yourself a lot of suffering.  

Do you want to reduce your risk of death?

Is maintaining your quality of life important to you?

What are your favorite hobbies?

Do you spend enough time with the people you love?

Do you want to travel?

Sometimes life gets in the way of what’s really important.

Creating happiness is about discovering who you are and celebrating by blessing the world with your talents. Too often, we watch loved ones work themselves sick. Without the energy to enjoy friends and family, wealth can not serve you!  

Are you too busy to worry about your health?

Do you tell yourself, “I’m fine.” ?

That statement then turns into, “I’m just getting old.”

When you excuse away your symptoms and get use to your chronic pain … you still think you are “fine”.

Everyone you know takes prescription drugs, right?

If health were “mind over matter”, denial would make you feel great!

Creating Health OR Surviving a Health Crisis is about becoming more whole.

The good, bad and ugly are all a part of your healing process.  Allow what’s in you to surface and love yourself anyway.  

Welcome to Heart Failure Solutions! 

Where the Life Breath Club inspires you to embrace how awesome you are and tap into your natural ability to heal!

Around here we swear by the BLESS Formula For Health and Wellness.

Many Life Breath Club Members share their stories of life transformation and losing weight without effort.

It might sound a little bit too good to believe, but we are all just regular people!

We hope you will become a part of our growing family!  We rely on each other for the inspiration to keep growing!  

What is Life Breath Club All About?

Healing and thriving in order to bless the world with who you REALLY are is what the Life Breath Club Family is all about!

The BLESS Model of Health Care:

“B” is for Breathe

Your breathing directly controls your bio-chemistry.  With each breath you cultivate a more healthy chemical equation or you drain your health and wellness.

“L” is for Love

The Life Breath Club is a very loving community, though this piece of the BLESS Model of Health Care is more about creating a stable nervous system response.

You need to be able to respond to the circumstances in your life with ease.  The “fight or flight” nervous system response only serves you when you need to run or fight, but can be hyper stimulated until it’s hard to swing back into a relaxing nervous system response so that you can restore and regenerate.

You need to relax in order to heal.  Life Breath Club will teach you how to calibrate your pain level to ZERO and how to respond rather than react to your life.

The “Bless Your Heart Nervous System Balancing Technique” will effortlessly grow the strength of your nervous system and boost your immune system.

This is ultimate self care!  Take care of yourself and there is so much more of YOU to give the world around you!

“E” is for Eat

Life Breath Clubbers don’t concern themselves so much with what they shouldn’t eat.

Get the good stuff in and the bad stuff will fall away.

FOOD really IS your medicine!

Clean your palate and you will crave what you need.

Feed your body what it needs and you will shed unwanted pounds easily.

“S” is for Sit

Strength is Silent.

Chad Kubo, The Zen Dance Master, is our resident Zen advisor.

He teaches us Zen Sit until we are ready for Zen Walk and then he takes us all the way to the Zen Dance Floor!

Even people who think they can’t dance find their feet dancing on the Zen Dance Floor!

Healing happens within this Present Moment.

The Zen Dance Master will show us how to stay Present as we Dance through Life.

“S” is for Speak

Your Purpose on the planet is individual to you.

Only you know what YOU need to say!  So SAY it!

Speaking the Truth is a very healing and rewarding thing to do!

Let your family and friends know they don’t have to be sick.  The BLESS Model of Health Care is good news, wouldn’t you say?

The more people who are inspired to nurture good health, the more people there will be serving their Purpose!

One Life Breath Clubber got of the heart transplant list!

Another reports shedding 20 pounds effortlessly in 30 days!

Bless Your Heart and then let that BLESSing ripple into your community!

Will yours be the next community BLESSed?    


Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker,

RCP The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions

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