Does heart disease kill happy people?

You can’t avoid heart disease by being happy can you?  Heart disease is killing all of us more than everything else.

“Come on now, happy people are dying just as much as sad people, right?”

It doesn’t seem possible that happiness could save you from symptoms of heart disease if your doctor can’t.

Cholesterol lowering medication is suppose to be heart disease prevention BUT it will NOT reduce your risk of DEATH!


Yet, over 50 years ago scientist studied a small town in Pennsylvania that did not die of heart disease.

They ate too much sugar and fat and didn’t exercise enough, but they still didn’t succumb to heart disease the way that neighboring towns and everybody else in the country was at the time.

Heart disease is STILL killing more than every other cause of death!

The reason the folks in this small community didn’t die of heart disease was because they had the support they needed to navigate the emotional pitfalls of life.

Researchers couldn’t find any other reason, though they searched high and low!

It really is hard to believe that community support and happiness could really be the reason a whole town was escaping heart disease while other communities were dying of it!


These folks were still dealing with challenges and mourning their lost loved ones, but their unhappiness and sorrow were survivable.

An astonishing number of civic service organizations were at work on a daily basis in this healthy community.  The love they had for each other was self evident.

Sorrow and happiness are not necessarily symptoms of heart disease as much as they are symptoms of a NEED that must be met if you hope to beat heart disease.

You may have no warning before a heart attack, and fluid retention and fatigue may be the only symptoms you notice before heart failure!

It just makes sense to consider your sorrow and your unhappiness to be urgent matters to deal with immediately.


February is the month of Love!

Though, Valentine’s Day is a very lonely day for many.

It can be tough to watch the public display of affection that occurs on February 14th each year if you WISH you had someone to share it with!

Loneliness is a symptom of dis-ease that you might feel powerless to overcome.

Reaching out to friends old and new can be difficult if you aren’t use to doing it.

If you’ve got friends, you’ve got all the love you need.  If you don’t … FIND some!

Facebook and other online social networks are a great place to find friends with common interests.

Even if you are house bound you can meet new friends online!  


A couple days before Valentine’s Day was the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. 

I really liked the quote in the image above when one of my friends shared it on facebook in honor of his birthday.

The profound truth offered is self evident.

Don’t you FEEL good when you DO good?

I’ve known a few people in my life who didn’t appear to feel bad from doing bad, but for the most part human beings feel bad when they do bad.

People don’t normally do bad intentionally unless they call it revenge.  You might say that revenge feels good, but then again, isn’t Living a Happy Life the BEST revenge?


The next time revenge feels like a rational response, remember YOUR heart needs the Love and Forgiveness you GIVE!

Emotions are never finished, so it’s a great idea to find some balance with emotional processing.

Peace is not what you find at the other end of revenge.


Sometimes the person who is hardest on you is YOU!

Have you ever noticed that emotional melt downs are much more likely when the melter is tired?

Next time you feel out of sorts or in a funk, MAKE time for a nap or a stroll out the door and down the road!

Maybe that is what you need more than anything else.

If you are running on empty you are out of fuel.  It isn’t mind over matter.

Get moving and get your heart pumping if you feel well rested.  While you are out there stop by and visit someone who will be thrilled to see you.

If you can’t manage all that, you’re likely to FEEL more like picking up the phone and chatting with loved ones when you wake up or kick off your walking shoes!


Next time sorrow or unhappiness take hold, get COZY or get MOVING!

See if it doesn’t help a whole lot!

A happy heart is not so vulnerable to heart disease.

It’s a scientific fact!


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Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

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PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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