What foods will help you lose water retention

Water retention can become a very serious health issue!

If you are in search of information about foods to help you lose water weight your goal is misguided from the onset.

Typically you think fluid weight is fat.  You don’t even suspect fluid until you are swollen and bloated!


What foods will help you lose water retention?”  is really a question about foods that will make you pee, correct?

The “need to pee” should be evaluated by a doctor … seriously!  If you are suffering kidney failure, please don’t mess around with food to make you pee!

More commonly though, water retention is not about a need to pee.


Water retention is usually about your body protecting itself OR not getting what it needs!

So, eating something that will stimulate urine is not going to fix the situation.

You will find a post here on Heart Failure Solutions that discusses what is known about the diuretic qualities of food.

However, what you REALLY need to know is how to optimize OXYGEN with food!


Why should I care about optimizing oxygen when I want to lose fluid weight?”

  • Retained fluid interferes with oxygen absorption and delivery
  • Foods that help you lose water retention can actually make things worse if your bowel isn’t healthy
  • Fluid retention can actually be a very dangerous condition!


Do you know that fluid retention can be dangerous?

  1. Check your blood oxygen level with an oximeter
  2. Monitor your blood pressure night and day, especially after exertion
  3. Eat foods high in oxygen and very little else

1.  Keeping your blood oxygen above 92% is important!

It won’t help to take deep breaths to increase your blood oxygen.

If it’s LOW, it’s a problem.

2.  Just keeping your blood pressure down isn’t enough!

It’s important that the BIG number in your blood pressure doesn’t fluxuate more than 50 up or down through out your day.

3.  Food is your medicine and can contribute to FAST healing!

Raw, organic vegetables and fruits are high in oxygen!

High Oxygen Foods Contain:

  • water
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • fiber

Consume these foods with as little alteration as possible.

Mother nature got them perfect, all you have to do is eat them!


What Foods Will Help You Lose Water Retention?

Freshly harvested and organic vegetables and fruits are perfect for the job!

Get concerned about fluid retention sooner than later because excess fluid retention puts a heavy burden on your heart muscle!

If you don’t worry about fluid retention until the doctor has to drug it you will find your health in a downward spiral!

Drugging fluid is only done to save your life!


You Need To Understand Low Oxygen Levels

Click on the link above if you see fluid at your ankles or your belly is distended.

It might save your life.


Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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