how you get rid of water off your anklesIf you have water around your ankles, you have a significant fluid balance issue.

Can you see your ankle bone at all?  If not, you likely have water in your lungs.

Is there a gurgling or crackling sound when you breathe?

You may need medical care before you are able to discover the cause of the water on your ankles.

Seriously!  Are you hearing this?

How you get rid of water off your ankles is an urgent question to answer!

My friend Terry was at deaths door, before she got her answer.  Your situation might not be as drastic, but maybe Terri’s story will get your attention and convince you to take your fluid retention seriously!

For 15 months Terry has been complaining of abdominal pain, ongoing diarrhea, being unable to eat or take medication, recurring fluid retention (even with the use of diuretics), and rapid weight loss.

Other than medication, she got NO SIGNIFICANT RESPONSE from the clinic where she was being treated.

Terry has been in the hospital many times in the past 8 months.  Just two weeks ago, she was in the emergency room again.  This time Terry was writhing in pain.

When she was FINALLY taken to surgery, they had to cut out two feet of dead bowel.  The surgeon said it had been dead so long that it was brittle.

It had been there so long that it had damaged the blood flow to her bowel. Terry was flown to Oahu, a more populated island with a better equipped hospital. There the doctors told Terry and her family that if she didn’t have surgery immediately, to restore blood flow to her bowel, the rest of Terry’s bowel would die, and she with it.

The surgeon gave her a 50/50 chance of surviving the surgery this time, though without options, she really didn’t have a choice.

Terry made it through the surgery, and after two days on the ventilator, she is now breathing on her own.  Though she is in a lot of pain, I know she is going to get through this.

The first thing she said when she was finally able to take my phone call from her hospital bed was,

“I am mad as hell!”

Terry is my hero. Though her incredible pain tolerance (and the doctors that wouldn’t listen to her) almost did her in, I am in awe of the strength it took to survive what would have killed most people.

So, How DO YOU get Rid of Water Off Your Ankles?

As Terry’s story illustrates, that depends on your individual situation.  If you are retaining fluid, you need to find your answer as quickly as possible!

The answer needs to be found before the extra fluid overworks and damages your heart muscle!

Search until you find YOUR answer!

Over burdening your heart muscle with excess fluid is harmful!

If your doctor is not able to address your fluid retention issues, you may find the help you need with a Nutritional Therapist, or a or naturopathic doctor or a Clinical Nutritionist.

However, in Terri’s case nothing would have helped her but the emergency medical attention she could not seem to get!


Remember, prescription water pills are very harmful, and your doctor does not want to give them to you until you develop water in your lungs.

At that point, you are in trouble, so you don’t want to wait that long!

If You Retain a Significant Amount Of Fluid, You Will Be Unable To Absorb Oxygen Causing Harm To All Your Organs And Weakening Your Heart Muscle!

Please let swollen ankles be a RED FLAG of warning!

If you have water at your ankles, it is very likely that you have water in your lungs.  As a matter of fact, water retention needs to be addressed before it starts collecting at your ankles.



If my friend Terri had been monitored during her activity and late night hours, her health care provider would have been able to see what I saw!

However, I communicated my concern clearly to her doctor and he would not take my strong warning seriously.

I just couldn’t get him to do anything to help her until it was too late! 

Please don’t let this happen to you or someone you love!

You may have an oxygen deficit you don’t know about, but you will certainly be aware that you are always tired and have frequent bacterial infections!

Just addressing your low oxygen levels can get rid of water off your ankles in some cases!

It will help treat the harmful effects of fluid retention in EVERY case!

Click on the link below to learn about low oxygen levels and get advice from The Life Breath Coach!

Low Oxygen Levels Are Dangerous!


Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS-  There are many issues that can cause fluid retention.

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