If you need to lose weight you’ve probably heard your doctor say,

“Eat less, exercise more.”

weight loss tips

Were those weight loss tips helpful?

Here at Heart Failure Solutions our motto is Keep It Simple.

But you want weight loss tips that actually help you create change so that you can experience big results.

It’s a lot easier to ditch bad habits and hang onto better habits if you are achieving inspiring results!

Do you look for signs of weight loss progress on the scale?

If you can measure lost pounds you can stay inspired to keep doing what is causing your weight loss … right?

Hold on just a minute there …

You don’t actually know if you lost fat unless you are using a scale that measures body fat.  Did you lose fat, muscle, bone, or water?

Losing muscle weight is not good news!

If you lose your muscle, you will lose your bone.

Are you concerned about bone density? 

Don’t starve yourself!

“But my doctor said to eat less!”

Did you know that your body will retain fluid if you don’t eat enough calories, especially protein?

Imagine that!  Starve yourself and gain weight?!

Eat less and exercise more is starting to sound like bad advice!


GOOD Advice on Weight Loss:


1.  Eating more fruits and veggies is a great way to get better nutrition.

You can’t go wrong eating less garbage and more good quality produce.

That can be tricky when your comfort foods are junk!

Do you crave the stuff you know you should leave alone?

2.  Detox can help you choose better foods AND jump start your weight loss!

However detox isn’t simple if it isn’t safe.

Check out the Food Matters Detox Guide and be safe.

Detox will also help you get a better night sleep!

3.  More/Better sleep is the best way to boost your health AND your weight loss!

Sleep your way to better mental-physical-emotional health!

Don’t underestimate the healing potential of sleep!

4.  Exercise without depleting yourself!

  • Too much exercise will deplete you and make you sick.

JJ Virgin’s Burst Training works by exerting maximum effort at whatever exercise you choose for 30–60 seconds ONLY!  Not a second longer.

Exhausting yourself quickly is a great way to build strength and gain muscle.

Running for miles and miles, or doing aerobics 7 days a week will run you right into the ground.

Don’t over do it!

JJ Virgin also knows about food sensitivity and she offers a detox program as well.  Click on the link to get to JJ’s new detox program.  You can search for Burst Training on her site.  ->  JJ Detox and Burst Training

  • Oxygen is the key to better health, quicker weight loss, AND safe exercise!

Increasing Your Oxygen will help you lose weight all by itself …

AND Increasing Your Oxygen will make your exercise much more SAFE!

Heart Failure Solutions’ FREE ebook “Increase Your Oxygen:  Your Secret To Empower Health and Well Being will help you understand how to stay safe when it comes to oxygen.

  •  Stay hydrated to avoid causing yourself harm!

Are you aware of the symptoms of dehydration?

If you don’t drink water maybe you want to review them and even post them on your frig!XXX

Symptoms of Dehydration

  • dry mouth
  • fatigue and weakness
  • chills
  • dark colored urine
  • skin flushing
  • dry skin
  • loss of appetite
  • thirst is an indicator that you are already dehydrated

When dehydration continues untreated it can lead to trouble.

  • increased heart rate
  • increased respirations
  • decreased sweating
  • decreased urination
  • increased body temperature
  • extreme fatigue
  • muscle cramps
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • tingling in arms and legs

When you have lost 10% of your body fluids you will need emergency help IMMEDIATELY!

This condition can be fatal!

Symptoms of Dangerous Dehydration:

  • muscle spasms
  • vomitting
  • racing pulse
  • shriveled skin
  • dim vision
  • painful urination
  • confusion
  • difficulty breathing
  • seizures
  • chest and abdominal pain
  • unconsciousness

5.  Join The Life Breath Club!

Making habits of the simple tips above will change your life!

Click on the green button below and check out the benefits of joining The Life Breath Club!

This is a private membership to protect your medical privacy.

It’s FREE!


Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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