• The grandmother with the grand daughter 5 Facts to Remember About Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels

    If you are searching for information on blood oxygen saturation you are likely facing some huge health issues.

    Normally folks first hear of this phrase from their doctor.

    It is likely that low oxygen levels have been causing health issues for quite some time before you or your doctor observed and evaluated them.

    Low blood oxygen saturation levels are very bad news, but implementing supplemental oxygen to enhance sleep and exercise can offer huge rehabilitative support! EVEN if you aren’t sick with low blood oxygen saturation levels you stand to gain huge benefits from supplemental home oxygen!

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  • Elder woman in wheelchair Can You Starve For Oxygen Without Low Oxygen Levels?

    If your oxygen levels are not low, maybe you think you don’t need to worry.

    How do you know if you have low oxygen levels?

    Can You Starve For Oxygen Without Low Oxygen Levels?

    If you answered yes to any of the questions above you ARE starving for OXYGEN!

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  • Low Oxygen Levels square Do You Become Accustomed To Low Oxygen Saturation Levels?

    You may hear that low oxygen saturation is nothing to worry about because your body “get’s use to it”.

    Don’t buy into this argument!

    Meet your oxygen needs in order to maintain the strength of your heart muscle, your active lifestyle and your independence!

    Within the medical community Heart Failure is seen as a death sentence … don’t believe it!

    Recovery from heart failure really is possible, but you won’t do it without addressing low oxygen saturation levels

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Ideal Weight

  • swollen_ankles_on_HealthLine Should Swollen Ankles Cause Concern About Your Blood Sugar?

    Western medicine really does not address this dangerous condition before it becomes a life threatening issue. Unless your doctor utilizes some alternative methodology, he/she likely has nothing to offer you for swollen ankles except diruetics (water pills). Your doctor doesn’t want to use that option unless your blood pressure is high or you are drowning in your body fluids. (That rumble in your breathing is fluid your doctor WILL drug.)

    You want more energy, NOW!

    Your swollen ankles are telling you that your energy bank is being depleted.

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  • Vegetable smoothie Can Chlorophyll Improve Low Blood Oxygen Saturation?

    Low blood oxygen saturation is a very urgent health issue!

    Can something like chlorophyll really improve your health even you are living with this terribly dangerous issue?

    Increasing Your Chlorophyll means Increasing Your Oxygen!

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  • Female feet on scales What Foods Will Help You Lose Water Retention?

    “What foods will help you lose water retention?” is really a question about foods that will make you pee, correct?

    The “need to pee” should be evaluated by a doctor … seriously! If you are suffering kidney failure, please don’t mess around with food to make you pee!

    More commonly though, water retention is not about a need to pee.

    What Foods Will Help You Lose Water Retention?

    Get concerned about fluid retention sooner than later because excess fluid retention puts a heavy burden on your heart muscle!

    If you don’t worry about fluid retention until the doctor has to drug it you will find your health in a downward spiral!

    Drugging fluid is only done to save your life!

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Meditation & Exercise

  • Christmas 2008 sq Can Transcendental Meditation Take You From Ba Humbug To Hohoho?

    Transcending chaos is more about finding Peace than being Jolly, the idea is to find some enjoyment in the season for you and yours.

    No offense to those who practice Transcendental Meditation! We honor your hearts and don’t mean to imply that your intention has anything to do with Santa Clause! You may not refer to your quiet prayer or simple “conversation with God” as a “Transcendental Meditation Practice”, but all of the above can help you deal with holiday stress and have more fun with your family this year.

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  • Rational Response to Trauma sq Is Shortness Of Breath A Concerning Symptom Or A Rational Response To Trauma?

    Shortness of breath can be a serious health concern.

    If you have ever felt like you couldn’t catch your breath you understand exactly how scarey that can feel!

    You could describe it as sheer panic.

    Calling 911 is a no brainer! You are painfully aware of the urgency of the situation.

    But, what about when you get unexpected horrible news or you find yourself in the middle of a natural disaster?

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  • Dancing people Can Swing Dance Overcome Pain Better Than Pain Pills?

    Mary had to overcome incredible pain just to get out of her chair, let alone dance the way she did!

    Just the memory of dance triggered endorphines in her body that helped her overcome pain far better than any pain pills!

    Because she had danced long ago, she could immediately tap into those experiences like a time machine, making her feel vibrant and youthful once again!

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Mind Set

  • Old antique table Are You Ever Done With the Stages of Grief?

    Once you get your feet under you, the next wave can surprise you just as much!

    Dog Gone! You thought you had this under control. You thought you were healing and moving forward.

    Time heals. However, healing tends to sets the stage for the next layer of grief to demand expression.

    As much as you want to be done feeling like dung, you need to grieve when you need to grieve.

    Do you see your grieving process somewhere in the list of the stages of grief?

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  • Abe-Lincolns-birthday Do You Know How To Deal With Grief?

    WE are the helpers!

    If you can do nothing else you can pray. You can think a loving thought. Someone near you needs comfort and you can comfort them!

    Looking for the helpers can help you get helping. Sudden trauma is shocking! It can make you freeze in your tracks.

    Once you start looking around for the helpers you will feel connected again and you can begin helping from where you are.

    You don’t need to know how to deal with grief, just take it as it comes. Be gentle with yourself.

    There is no right way to grieve, but helping sure helps you grieve.

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  • Mauna Kea Do You Have Bucket List Ideas For Now?

    Recently I was hired to assess an in home care giving situation.

    The elderly woman receiving the care had been experiencing dementia symptoms for over a decade.

    At times she was very lucid and you could see how intelligent and thoughtful she was.

    At other times she couldn’t remember her children’s names.

    One particularly enlightening conversation I had with this sweet woman helped me to see how powerless she has fell all her life. In that moment I got a real sense that her powerlessness was a part of her disease process.

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Social Connection

  • Read It Yourself ObamaCare: Is Your Elected Representative Refusing Medicaid That Could Save Your Life And Livelihood?

    We’ve discussed why there is no transparency in hospital care pricing in a previous post.

    Remember why youth makes you pay bigger health care costs? It doesn’t make any sense and it’s not the fault of sick/old people.

    Medicaid really can save your life and livelihood!

    You will find a link to the article I’m referring to at the bottom of this post.

    After you read about how elected officials are denying you this protection from disaster, please do read about the unethical Charge Master.

    You need to know.

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  • Elderly woman and her daughter Will the Affordable Care Act Address Rising Mortality Rates?

    A living wage is one of the MOST important natural treatments for depression!

    Taking into consideration that you can avoid heart disease by belonging to a loving community of caring neighbors it’s pretty obvious why we should care that so many women are suffering. Despite their best efforts, they continue to suffer in a way that those who are well housed and fed can’t fathom.

    Do we give a damn about the women who are dying younger than their mothers did in 45% of US counties?

    Apparently not. Our community spirit is sorely lacking and it shows.

    In this modern age of advanced medicine, women’s mortality rates are growing.

    Do you realize how alarming that statement is?

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  • business announcement - woman Wondering How To Project Your Voice?

    Are you having trouble projecting your voice?

    You will get the standard diaphragmatic breathing instruction from a speech coach, your doctor might prescribe a gadget to help you strengthen your breathing muscles.

    Everyone can agree that it’s important that you don’t strain your voice.

    However, if you can’t get enough breath in your lungs, all the “how to project your voice” tips in the world are not going to help you!

    Tension definitely is a big issue when it comes to voice volume.

    If you can relax and use your belly when you speak, you won’t have difficulty being heard in the back of the room.

    However, if you are dealing with fluid in your lungs, you can relax until the cows come home and it won’t get you a bigger breath or more volume!

    If you want to know how to project your voice, you’ll have to address the fluid in your lungs first!

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